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And steamed wormwood...

Artemisia steamed flow of 60 minutes

Hailing the magazine is sitting in a Chair, heating time, listen to chrazation music, relax, enjoy ♪ enjoy Detox time in private!

In the hot towel body clean!
The only sweat and that is so in a hot towel wipe body clean

Draw the sweat clean clothes!
Bathed in steam your skin is slick and smooth! effect improves blood circulation, and may

For * Mugwort allergies we have refrain is menstruating.
* You are using clean, we washed everything every time mantle, Chair, feet towel, etc. With confidence and enjoy hot live.

Facial menu

The flow of the facial treatment 60 min

Fill out the chart

Change of clothes (Please change to Esteve a)

Change of clothes

* Need makeup to your home please bring makeup tools

Set menu (very popular! )


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* Reservations are required, so before you phone or email please let us know.
* Short mail also available. Please book your desired day and time, your name, and cell number.


Please note that there may be cancelled if 15 minutes passed from the time of booking.

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Sapporo subway East line Shindo Higashi station near the retreat salon was opened. Organic products and facials, Artemisia, such as steamed to help you spend your own simple life in the forces of nature. Collaboration with cosmetic acupuncture and moxibustion and more! For more informationBlogYou have a chance!

* Motomachi on more than 1 minutes ' walk
* Sapporo subway East Yutaka line bypass East from exit 5 5 minutes ' walk
* Parking lot stores before the 3 available

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